in Mad game

The challenge…MAD GAME!!

Have y’all(and at this point I’m not sure who coz no one follows this blog yet) ever been presented with a challenge,by someone who didn’t know you, unconsciously? You know,like through their feelings or attitude? No? Well that wouldn’t be so so shocking,you have to be able to read them first and, thankfully, thats one of my many talents.

Well there this girl I know from chruch,lets call her M, she hadn’t really come to my attention much before but somehow one Saturday(yes,I’m SDA) I happened to find myself talking to her and I felt this distinct chill eminanting from her. Now understand this:I’m the type of person who loves to be liked and I have the gifts necessary for making this happen. So I turned up the charm expecting her to be won over in a few minute or atleast the chill coming from her to recede but it didn’t. Infact I could say it was like she increased it…

I was shocked! Chics usually didn’t react this way to me!! Come on I’m cdohnio!! This didn’t happen to me often so I double my efforts but nothing happened to the chill coming from her. NKT!! Then it hit me…she’s doing this intentionally,for some reason she had actually consiciously decided that she wouldn’t be charm or swayed by anything I’d say that today. I saw or rather felt this in one second and in the next had made a decision.

I took this as a challenge so I decided to try to get as much as her nature(you could say personality but nature feels more right) as I could. I could tell she was highly intelligent, very practical, well read, she wouldn’t be fooled by flattery and she didn’t like me for some reason! But from just that I could see my in,she’s well read! Not many people really paid attention to the fact I liked books but I really love to read. So I changed the conversation towards books and I could tell I had found the clink in her amour,her Achilles heel,the flaw in her armour!!

Anyway the rest is history! We’re really really good friends these days… So what was my point in writing all this? The lesson to be learnt is that I HAVE MAD GAME!!!:-D! PEACE!!