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Am I being an asshole?

Hey y’all! I’ve been on a kind of high since the weekend. I finally got off my ass and went for the shopping I should’ve gone for 4 weeks ago meaning I have some food in my room finally. I went shags(the country house) for a day so that I could have a bit of solitude and found my dad there, he gave me some cash:) which for someone my age is better than solitude. Also he gave me something even better than money; my own laptop!!
Is this true?

It’s a beast and then some. It’s a tablet convertible.  I’m absolutely in love with it. I may do a post on it someday soon just so that you can turn green in envy. You guys refused to donate to my laptop fund, now I have one I want to rub it in your faces…hard!!*evil cackle* I didn’t even get any spam messages from it. NKT! You guys are mean. Where’s the love?
Anyway that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this because I’ve been feeling rather bad recently. And I know where it’s coming from, it’s cause. My laptop.
I know, it’s so unfair that something I’ve wanted for so long, and love, is giving me grief. Allow to explain. Due to my laptop’s unique nature (I think it’s the only one of its kind on campus) and my generally friendly nature everyone wants some time with it. Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling very mean and protective of it. I don’t want anyone but me to use it or even touch it.
Take example one friend wanted to install Virtual DJ on it and I felt like shouting, “Why the fuck would I want to out that on my machine? Just because its touch screen?” but I just said rather forcefully I think that I wouldn’t be installing it. Or another friend wanted to install Fifa and I didn’t  want to because it’s a huge space hog and it’d mean this friend may be borrowing my laptop more than I’d like.
So what’s the point of tell you this? I want/need your advice because I’ve been feeling that I maybe just being mean to people who want to use my laptop. And it’s not just with my laptop but with anything of mine especially when it’s still new. I mean am I being a jackass for being stingy with my stuff? And also at which point would it be people taking advantage of my generosity? While I don’t want to be mean, I also don’t want to be uncomfortable or taken advantage of because of my generosity. Help? Peace!!
  1. It's your laptop, your stuff. It's the only stuff you have. If someone breaks it, you'll be the one who doesn't have it anymore. They'll say they're sorry and they'll mean it, but you will still not have a laptop anymore.

    I never let anyone use my phone, my laptop, my iPod, whatever. It's mine, I paid for it, I'm responsible for it, which means I'm the only one who's going to use it. That's not being mean or being an asshole. That's just caring about my stuff enough to protect it and make sure that it will last me as long as it can. The day I'm rich and can buy a new laptop the same day if mine breaks, I'll let anyone who wants to use it. Until then… sorry, it's mine, you don't touch it.

    So, if you're an asshole, I am one too I guess 😉

  2. It's good to at least I have company. I feel so bad later when I analyze my actions, but I just push those thoughts away

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