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Experiencing someone else

For the second time in as many weekends I found myself in the boot of the car because the ride was already too full in the front. Well the cars were hunchback so it was actually quite comfortable.
This actually besides the point but on the second trip, lying on my back looking at the ssky, admiring the car and skyscrapers rushing by I began to comtemplate something that I’ve thought about on and off for a little bit: I’ve always wanted to experience someone else’s thoughts.

There are times when I’m in certain situations, like when talking to a girl or even just sitting watching telavision, when I wonder how someone esle thought process would be under the same situations. Other times when I wonder if my thought process is actually normal.

While this mostly happens when I’m in one of my more depressed moods, it also happen when I have a particular nasty, and funny, thought. I mean have you ever wonder whether ‘normal’ people really think like you? Chime out in the comments. Peace!!!
  1. I've never wanted to know someone else's thoughts that much.. especially considering some of my own guilty thoughts! No way!

  2. WHOA! first i want your background, secondly, i'm always amazed when someone does something so casually and in a few minutes contrary to what i had imagined. Amazing creatures humans are…

  3. Oh well my thoughts are enough to get me by…wen am done with those il go on to wonder about what others think…but til thn it's me myself n i

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