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Random update

It’s been so long since I’ve updated this blog, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. The psych to do anything has been at nil recently. I can’t seen to find the psych to do much other than look at what other people are doing. I check into twitter only to watch the tweet stream not to contribute.
I went for Bake happy hour quite sometime back and was inspired to statrt blogging by seeing all those bloggers gather. I didn’t really keep that promise to myself did I? Perhaps I should make a resolution to start doing so. You can read all about Bake here on Savvy’s blog.
I should warn you all before I leave, if I’m going to be updating this blog more often I’ll be writing about pretty mundane stuff. Of course I’ll be try make stuff as interesting so you don’t pass out reading what I have to say.Also I’m think that if I’ll going to be blogging as regularly as I plan to I can’t be putting images in every post.
I know how images are there to hold the reader but since I’ll be too lazy to go to a cyber I’ll be working from my phone most times and it’s functionality is rather limited. I’m looking forward to bring back more regular updates to this blog if only for deadly_halo who seems to have missed me!;)