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Welcoming My Editor

Yes, my little blog now has an editor if you can imagine. I like to think of it as a sign of the growing popularity of my work; but in reality it’s probably the result of the frustration of one of my readers at my atrocious grammar and spelling. The problem is, I can never proof read my work once I’ve written my first draft, and I don’t pay attention to the intricacies of grammar and what not when I’m writing.

Before I introduce you to my editor, let me show you a snippet of the conversation that lead to his recruitment; it happened on twitter: 
Him: I want to be your editor
Me: Editor how? #interested
Him: Editor to your blog. Let’s face it my grammar is way better than yours but you have better ideas than mine.
So, without further ado, let me introduce you to my editor!! @theOkelo (his twitter handle)!!!!! He comes to us from his own blog, called ummm… it doesn’t matter anymore, he’s with us now. He’s an avid reader, video game enthusiast and one of my best friends (I should do a post about him soon). Wait, I’ve remembered the name to his blog, it’s called My Beautiful Words.
Weird he should name it that, considering there’s little beauty about his words. Okay I’m kidding; but he did mention that my ideas were better than his (I loved that part the most)!!!! I’m going to think of him as my first employee ever (he’ll hate that *evil laughter*). He’ll be responsible for making sure that everything that appears on the blog, and in my name elsewhere, is proper: proper English, correct grammar and correct syntax. So if you see any errors in any posts henceforth, let me know so I can have a good reason to blast him!!
Finally, someone be a dear and leave a comment here welcoming @theOkelo. I’d really appreciate it! One last thing, my grammar and spelling isn’t that bad, is it? Peace!!!!
  1. I'm also an avid fan of your work..One day I'm also hoping that an editor will come to my aid..Bado na omba!
    Anyway, whenever you'll get a chance, Kindly give an eye to my works on

    Thanks and keep up with the great work.

    Warm regards: Kenn

  2. welcome @furry_kid…i noticed something on this post though I don't want your boss to blast you on ua first gig 🙂

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