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Oh South Sudan

So I was watching news yesterday and heard that South Sudan had written to the African Union over the Itemi Triangle or something of the sort; apparently they think that it’s part of their country now. I laughed when I heard that! Really? This baby of a country that we (Kenya) practically made and paid for thinks it can now turn around and lay claim to a piece of our country? Fuck that!! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!!
Before they decide to push this matter further I’d like to remind South Sudan of one thing, KENYA IS A SUPER POWER!!!! Yeah you read that correctly; A SUPER POWER. Now let me tell you why I think so. You just have to compare us to the USA:
1.       We invade countries. Ask Somalia.
2.       We impose our will on other countries. Hallo Sudan
3.       We fund governments. What’s good South Sudan?
4.       Other countries copy us. Check the South Sudan flag.
5.       We have terrorists threatening us all other the place.
South Sudan better check themselves. I heard that they may be doing this over oil… hehe!! They may just give me yet another reason to call my great country a super power, we invade countries over their resources.
Looks like ours

Now I have to apologise for not posting in forever, I’ve been down because my phone got jacked when I just got to town. My editor should have apologized for that, I wonder what he’s been up to (EDITOR: I have been busy with school; unlike you, I am not on holiday). I’ll try posting more often from now on.