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Ambulating with Confidence

Have you ever taken a conscious notice of the way you walk? It is the opinion of one of my friends that I walk in a manner that suggests I own the world, while another tells me I walk as if I were surveying my domain.
The manner in which I choose to walk is very specific: eyes to the horizon, shoulders back, and my back in an upright position. I like to think that I give off the vibe that everyone should make way for me. I also walk kind of slowly; never in a rush to get anywhere.
When I was about 13 or 14 years old, I read an article that said all confident people walk with their heads held high, not hiding their faces, and ready to face the world. So I said to myself, “ I’m confident; why don’t I walk like that?” Thus, from that day henceforth I stopped walking looking down and raised my head.
I’m like that. Whenever I want to change something about myself, I simply say to myself, “This needs to change,” and it changes. I realize that it’s not that easy for everyone else, and as I’ve grown older it has become far more challenging, but still much easier than for most people.
I like to think looking up is the best way to walk. While looking down at the road will enable you to see the obstacles that are just about to come at you, and avoid them, you’ll be unable to see far off obstacles and might be unable to avoid them effectively. You won’t be able to see and appreciate the environment you’re in. Same thing with life, you concentrate so much on your current problems that you don’t see anything past them; either other problems you may face later, or the beauty around you. And what is the point of living life without beauty?
So the next time you’re up and about walking, try to take notice whether you have a particular style and what it might say about you. Peace!!!