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When They Start to Grow Up

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A few months ago I took a break from school to go home and see my mother, brother and sisters. It was just a couple of days, but by the end of it I came to the uncomfortable realisation that my baby sister was growing up. I don’t like it one bit.

I had gone out, and came back late, lat/e here being past my baby sister’s bed time. I walked in and found her sleeping on the couch, in her pyjamas. She had refused to go to sleep without seeing me first and had fallen asleep waiting. She looked so cute.
I picked her up and carried her to my mum’s room (they sleep together). My mum was already in bed reading the bible. As I let her slide through my arms and on to the bed, I felt a kind of soft area around her chest area. It took me a while to realise what it was I had felt, but when it did, it hit me like a tonne of bricks. My baby sister, my reason for living, the innocent little thing, has started growing boobs!!!
Reeling from this realisation, I asked my mum “Joy has boobs?!” “Yeah. She’s growing up.” “But she’s still so young!!” “Yeah they come and go but she’s of the right age. These days she even insists on wearing bras” “Bras?!!!” “Not the real thing just like tank top things” Look on my face: THE FUCK?!
I left the room and realised that if she’s already growing boobs then the phase I’m most fearing is almost here: BOYS(yuck). Now my sister is already well informed on matters sex (well HIV/AIDS) they began basic sex education in class 1; on top of this my sister is rather intelligent (too much for her own good in this case) so I’m not really worried about what she does. What I don’t like is the attention she’ll be getting and the potential thoughts these boys will be having about her.
Whenever I thought of my baby sister at that stage I always envisioned her with a bodyguard of sorts, who I pay, to keep boys away and protect her. The bodyguard would be female so that there can be no funny business between them.
I love my sister more than my own life. There was a time she was my sole reason for living. She sits on a pedestal that is unspoiled by life in my heart. She stays pure. I love my other sister a lot but she’s practically the same age as me(if you believe that girls mature faster she’s older), I can only give her advice and hope that she listens-she mostly does- but with my baby sis she still listens to me with complete obedience, but who knows what comes with adolescence?
This is what I fear most. Peace!!!