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#TodaysReads: Boss Rabbits, Apple Beats and more (12.5.2014)

They’ve offered me a nice job, these rabbits This story features an old high school friend of mine whose made a business out of rearing rabbits. Just goes to show there are so many ways to make a living out here, not just getting a job.

His mother, a nurse, offered him Sh20,000. He raised Sh15,000 from friends.
Today, Rume’s venture has multiplied tenfold. He owns more than 100 bunnies and reckons he has made close to Sh200,000 since he started. “I sell the animals to farmers and there are people who come to buy them from here.”

Apple’s big Beats buyout? Unless you’ve been living under a rock you have to have heard that Apple is in the final stages of acquiring Beats by Dre for over 3billion dollars… Nice.

Is this canonisation business scandalous? If you read nothing else today, read this. It will amuse you and leave you chuckling. I’m tempted to copy large parts of it here. Waga Odongo is an extremely hilarious writer with his cynical, sarcastic style. You would do well to be reading his columns they’re always so funny.

We have a very visible sign of religions mutating before our eyes to suit the times. The church’s 1.2 billion adherents should ask why all of a sudden it is easier to become a saint than ever before. Are we so needy in the intercessory department that the laws should be relaxed so that the numbers should be suddenly inflated?I think I will leave now and look for a confessional booth.

US tycoon invests in assembly of Africa’s cheapest car in Thika First I’m hearing about this start up which means I need to get my ear closer to the ground. It could also mean that the press is doing a very poor job of promoting startups from here. Finally I find it a bit insulting and far more sad that a car has to built specifically for African situations when our roads are made by the same guys who build European and Chinese ones.

The car, dubbed Mobius, will cost $10,000 (Sh870, 000) and is designed for off-roading in Africa and stripped of extras such as air conditioning, power steering and many internal fixtures.

Kenya banks enforce US law targeting tax evaders If you’re a US citizen your government is making it even more difficult for you to dodge taxes here in Kenya. I guess when you owe the Chinese several billion dollars your government needs every penny it can get. In case you can’t tell from my tone I’m laughing at you. Also who new they were 20000 Americans around here?