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#TodaysReads: S.Sudan’s Hate Radio, Untrustworthy Politicians and a Power Rangers Movie? (8.5.2014)

Sudan: Hate Radio in South Sudan, Long After Rwanda Said “Never Again” Today we start with South Sudan which has been rapidly descending into civil war. This piece which comes to us from allAfrica is written by a Rwandan, Sunny Ntayombya, comparing the hate speech that’s happening in that country to what happened in his and hopes that the world doesn’t just sit back and watch the blood bath. I’ve been watching this situation for weeks and have repeatedly said that it’s time the Kenyan army went in and controlled the situation for the good of everyone, particularly us *cough* oil *cough*:-D.

Living Standards in Kenya improve: Study Ummm, okay, if you say so. I wonder if majority of Kenyans feel this, what with the high cost of basic necessities like food and housing. Hey but what do I know about living standards? I’m just a blogger who lives with his parents.

Politicians are the least trusted professionals in Kenya-study Another study. Can’t say this is particularly shocking. This a country where when you first get into political office the first thing you do is demand a pay increase, and if you can, pass a law increasing your own salary. If you can’t do that, you increase your allowances to ludicrous levels. Never mind that your salary is already several factors larger than the national average.

The politicians who currently enjoy some of the best salaries and allowances in the country and manage billions of shillings for recurrent and development expenditure are arguably being held primarily responsible for corruption, insecurity, low food production, economic downturn, the high level of the National Debt and the high level of unemployment.

Power Rangers movie plans announced by Lionsgate I saw this and squealed for joy!! I’ve been watching the Power Rangers for the last maybe 18 years, most recently with my 5 year old step brother, and I can still enjoy the series even at this age. I mean of course now it took me a while to get over the poor production and cheesy lines but once I did I felt like a kid again. Go! Go! Power Rangers!!!!

Surgeon fined Sh100,000 for causing patient’s death A pitiful amount considering how much surgery costs in this country and the fact that someone died. This surgeon will probably be back practicing within the week without a dent on his pocket or in his life but it’s a start allowing us to hold our doctors accountable when they treat us badly.

US concern over South China Sea ‘dangerous conduct’ The Dragon from East, as China is sometimes called, has been trying it’s best to stretch out and reclaim their proud place in the world’s history as a superior empire. They’ve been doing this using economic, social and political means. More recently I’ve been reading about them stretching, or just reclaiming, depends on who you ask, a lot of the disputed territories through military action. This is one such incident. That’s why the US felt the need to remind them, during Obama’s recent trip to the Asia, that they wouldn’t hesitate to defend their allies.