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Shortcomings of the “Kenyan Tech Blog”

Tech blogs in Kenya suck! It’s something I’ve said before in other platforms and fora. I knew it empirically but didn’t have the hard data to back me up. I do now. Let’s get into why I’m the right person to be talking about this: I’ve been reading tech news on an almost daily basis… Read more »

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What You Didn’t Know about the National Music Policy

A lot of musicians in the the country have been complaining about their inability to make money from their art. The reason they give for this, well the one that comes out loudest, is piracy. I have a different view from that but this is not the time for it. Recently stakeholders from the music… Read more »

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Tobiko’s dilemma

So I was just watching news at 9 on NTV, first time in maybe in 2 months or so. I feel that watching it is pointless as most of it is political bullshit and the rest depressing. But today two things caught me First the murder of post graduate student, Mercy Keino, who died in… Read more »